Chesney‘s agreed to look after Joseph while Katy goes shopping, but has to cancel when a market meeting is called. As Joseph cries, Katy is clearly struggling and desperate to escape she leaves him alone in the house. But when Faye catches her she’s forced to cover and asks Faye to look after him instead. Faye’s doing a good job and feeling very pleased with herself she puts some toast under the grill before nipping outside to dispose of a dirty nappy. But the door blows shut and Faye’s locked out and she starts to panic as smoke pours from the grill.

Gail is worried that Audrey is considering taking Lewis back. She’s tempted, but as he begs her forgiveness she stands firm and throws him out of the salon. But when a huge delivery of flowers later arrives, she starts to weaken!

After her conversation with Stella, Tina’s prepared when Tommy tells her he wants to be more than good mates. Not wanting to ruin their friendship she knocks him back.

Also, Beth enjoys winding up Tracy; Carla’s furious when Frank’s interference causes her to lose a new contract with potential buyer Jenny.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Faye finds Anna and Owen and as Owen barges the door open Anna takes Joseph clear of the smoke. Returning home Chesney’s horrified to see what’s happened. Katy rushes in and tries to explain, but when she slips up and reveals she’s left Joseph alone before they’re horrified. Picking up Joseph and walking out Owen claims this is the proof that they’re too young to look after a baby. Ches, Fiz and Anna go after him, but when they get back Katy’s gone.

Following Tina‘s rejection, Tommy returns to what he does best and using Tyrone as his wing man he chats up a girl in the Bistro. Meanwhile, Stella convinces Tina that Tommy’s worth taking a chance on. Tina heads out to confess her feelings to Tommy, but she’s too late.

Audrey tracks Lewis down to a large house. When he’s reticent to let her in she assumes he’s with a woman. But Audrey’s stunned when an embarrassed Lewis is forced to admit he’s living in a shabby bedsit while he settles his debts.

Also, a distracted Peter hands Karl an unstamped betting slip; Carla’s furious when she finds Frank, Anne and Sally toasting their success at landing a big order after Frank blew her deal.