Katy leaves Hollyoaks

Katy comes close to confessing all to Calvin about Sean’s murder. But suspicious Louise has followed her and stops Katy coming clean. Rushing back to Zak, Katy begs him to help her get away and leave Hollyoaks for good. Although he’s unhappy to be losing her, Zak helps Katy escape. Justin bumps into Katy while she’s waiting for her taxi and they share an emotional goodbye. It looks like Katy has got away, when Warren suddenly jumps in front of the taxi. Katy threatens to tell the police everything if her brother doesn’t let her go, and Warren is forced to watch Katy leave.

Having called the police after the burglary, Amy becomes suspicious at the lack of forced entry, and Ste finally confesses that the burglary was an insurance scam to get cash. When Calvin arrives, Amy has to lie, but he’s suspicious, and when he searches the bedroom, Amy blurts out the truth about the fake robbery.

Michaela and John-Paul worry about Myra as she goes to court to face her benefit charge. But they are relieved when she escapes prison and arrives home with a hefty fine.

Also, Kris worries about Elliot’s newfound angry and bitter attitude.

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