Justin wakes up next to Katy but their domestic bliss doesn’t last when Katy gives Justin a tough time for ditching her whenever Warren is around. In an attempt to make amends, Justin takes Katy for lunch in the park and she promises to have a word with Warren.

With Neville unpopular with both Suzanne and Rhys, Gilly takes it upon himself to help Neville impress Suzanne. After discovering that Adam Ant was once the man of Suzanne’s dreams, Gilly and Rhys convince Neville to pull out all the stops to impress her with an extra special performance.

Carmel fells terrible after Aleksander’s freak out over her fake boobs, but an unsympathetic Jacqui is more concerned about Aleksander leaving for good and exposing her marriage as a sham. She encourages Carmel to talk to Aleksander at Tony’s but heartbroken Carmel can’t bring herself to go.

Meanwhile, Tina tries to intervene, and pleads with Jacqui to make peace with Carmel despite her annoyance that Jacqui kept her in the dark about her sham wedding.

Steph’s sick of trying to be charitable, and calls her solicitor to give up her inheritance claim. But when Leo chokes on a pork scratching, Steph leaps into action, and it looks like the cash is finally hers.

*Screened on TV3, Wednesday June 20*