Katy offers to be surrogate to Izzy and Gary (VIDEO)

Gary and Izzy’s adoption plans fall at the first hurdle when Izzy reveals that Gary has a criminal record. A devastated Gary rails at Izzy for ruining their chances. Desperate to help, Katy makes a stunning announcement. She’ll be their surrogate. Gary’s thrilled at the idea, but Izzy’s shocked.

Steve’s in trouble when Deirdre tackles him about having an affair behind Tracy’s back. Michelle joins in, realising he chickened out of telling Tracey about their rekindled relationship. Deirdre tells Tracy the news and unable to believe it she tackles Steve too, and he’s forced to finally tell her the truth.

Hayley calls in on Mary in her motor home and offers heartfelt apologies. Mary accepts her offer of a trip to the cafe for a game of chess with Roy.

Also, Eva’s less than impressed that Rob’s given Karl a job in packing and delivery.