Katya returns home on bail, and Karl invites her to spend Christmas with them although guilty Katya is reluctant to put her adopted family at risk from Guy, who’s still on the run.

But they spend a happy Christmas day together despite a momentary panic when Susan and Karl realise they both forgot to buy Zeke a Christmas present. But it looks like there’s more trouble in store for Katya when later, Guy pulls up in Ramsay Street with a gun…

Pepper is shocked by her mum’s frank admission and tracks down Rosie to get things off her chest. But Rosie gets a shock of her own when Pepper informs her Lyn and Paul have split and tells Rosie that she ruined Lyn’s life by snogging Paul.

Janelle feels shaken when she reads Kim’s farewell letter but manages to find solace in Steiger who’s dealing with his own hurt following Chris’s rejection. The pair bond over their mutual heartache and when Janelle realises she still has feelings for Steiger, bites the bullet and asks him out on a date.

Following their chemistry-free kiss, Sky and Dylan separately panic about how to let the other down gently. But, when they confront each other, they are relieved to admit that the spark is not there any more.