Still trying to pay off nasty Guy Sykes, desperate Katya steals another car to cover the cost of his blackmail. But when she threatens to go to the cops, Guy tells her he’s doubling the amount of cash she must pay. Later, Guy slips Katya a packet of drugs, but she resists temptation and throws them down the sink.

After learning that Steph had a romantic dream about him, Toadie decides to move back to number 30 in an effort to get over his growing feelings for her. When Steph discovers he’s leaving, she mistakenly believes Toadie thinks the dream means she’s fallen for him, and assures him it meant nothing. But following Lyn’s plea not to abandon Steph, Toadie decides to stay with her at the Hoylands.

In a bid to bring her and Frazer closer together, Pepper plans a romantic Derby Day picnic for two, but Frazer ruins things by bringing Ned along. Meanwhile, Zeke’s crush on Pepper grows, and that night encounters her sleepwalking in the street, where she professes her love for him, leaving him very confused!

Also, Lou is touched when Mishka calls in sick to work in order to offer him emotional support.