Katya gets arrested

Having fled the hospital leaving Guy lifeless on the floor, Katya worries that she may have killed him. Meanwhile, Steiger orders a police guard for the Kennedy house when he discovers Guy has disappeared from the hospital. Later, Katya admits to Karl and Susan that Guy was blackmailing her as he knew about a robbery she committed years back and had the security tape of her committing the crime.

Unfortunately, Steiger doesn’t believe Katya’s story and places her under arrest. All this shocks Karl who informs Susan that he no longer wants Katya living under his roof because she’s too dangerous and Zeke overhears Karl telling Susan the best place for Katya is prison.

Elsewhere, Sky feel sad when Bree doesn’t turn up for baby Kerry’s naming day. But when Bree overhears Dylan and Sky choosing ‘Breanna’ as Kerry’s middle name, she decides to forgive Sky and the friends finally make up.

Also, Bree realises that she may have judged Pepper too harshly when she learns her teacher was once a Goth. In exchange for some of Pepper’s amazing Goth outfits, Bree offers to let Pepper use Janelle’s new sunbed. But the sunbed session doesn’t go as planned when Pepper falls asleep and ends up with a stripy tan!