Worried that Katya may face more time in jail for skipping bail if they don’t find her soon, Zeke is determined to track his sister down. And when he overhears Steiger and Janelle’s plans to visit the Walker State Forest, he remembers Katya and Alex used to camp there, and gets a strong feeling that that’s where Katya is hiding out.

He and Bree stowaway in Steiger’s Ute and manage to interrupt an intimate moment between Janelle and Steiger on their first proper date. Before Bree can stop him, Zeke runs off to find Katya leaving Bree to confess all to her mum.

Zeke finally manages to track Katya down and tells her that if she doesn’t come home, she won’t ever see him again. This doesn’t wash with Katya, who prepares to do a runner until she’s stopped in her tracks by Steiger.

Elsewhere, following her meeting with Will’s pretend mum Selma, Carmella is suspicious that Will is keeping secrets from her and is upset when Will accuses her of prying. And he’s almost caught out when Paul recognises Selma. Paul ends up lying for Will in an attempt to get into Will’s good books to set him up with an uninterested Elle. Will tries to make things up an uneasy Carmella, but she breaks up with him.