Katya is shot while struggling with Guy for control of her gun, and Guy flees the scene with the bag of money, leaving her mortally wounded and fighting for her life. Luckily she is later discovered by a couple of hitchhikers and flown by helicopter to Erinsborough hospital for emergency surgery.

Susan, Rachel, Zeke, Karl and Ned are devastated to learn the news about Katya, with Susan especially worried that her past has caught up with her. Meanwhile, Guy furiously discovers that Katya has double-crossed him – the money in the bag isn’t genuine – and decides to visit the hospital to claim what’s rightfully his…

Number 30 are in disarray in the wake of Pepper and Frazer’s ‘break-up’. With Will siding with Frazer, and Rosie coming out in favour of Pepper, Ned is left in the middle. With both camps determined that their favoured housemate should stay in the house, Ned proposes a ‘Big Brother’ style secret ballot to decide who stays and who packs their bags.

Following his mistake in Sky’s paternity case, Karl is upset to see that Janelle’s bad-mouthing has prompted his patients to desert his practice in droves. Determined to show her support, Rachel cheers Karl up by asking him to be her stepdad.