Karl and Susan continue to row over whether Katya should be allowed home, with Karl insisting he wants to protect his family. Zeke is also angry when he overhears Karl’s plans to abandon his sister.

After thinking things through, Susan comes round to Karl’s argument and makes the heartbreaking decision to ask Katya not to come home. But Susan and Karl are guiltily relieved when Katya makes her own decision to temporarily move out.

Steiger is pleased to discover Pepper’s plan to reunite him and his estranged wife Chris, and over lunch, he asks Chris for a second chance. But unbeknown to him, Chris is gay and is struggling to find a way to break the news.

Janae and Chris sort out their past issues with one another and Janae is thrilled to get her job back. But Janae accidentally discovers Chris has a girlfriend Carol, and has to think quickly to prevent Pepper from finding out.

Janelle takes the kids and Toadie on a shopping trip for a swish new mansion. But after perusing a few plush pads, Janelle decides to stay in Ramsay Street where she can laud it over her neighbours.

Also, Ned breaks up with Katya and the Timmins family drop the lawsuit against Karl.