Having just stolen a car, Katya is shocked when she realises the vehicle she’s pinched is Karl’s, and things go from bad to worse when she’s chased by the police. She ends up dumping the stolen motor and running home where she’s just in time to see a shell-shocked Ned arrive with Karl.

Riddled with guilt, Katya comes clean about her car crimes to Ned – but he laughs off her confession as a joke. Desperate to remove Guy from her life, Katya schedules a meeting with him – and he�s unaware she has a gun.

Elswehere, Steph is feeling guilty about her kiss with Toadie and tracks down Boyd to apologise. He’s understanding, but insists it can never happen again and tells her Toadie will have to move out. Later, Toadie confesses his feelings to Steph but she turns him down, and Toadie is forced to move out of the Hoylands and kip in his office.

Later, Boyd begins a revenge bid against Elle using the same sneaky tactics she tried against Max. He moves Elle’s car, steals her credit cards and sends the newly returned Paul a text message. Also, Janae’s perplexed by Boyd’s lack of interest in her and confronts him about his strange behaviour.