Katya is so concerned after discovering that Guy has been in contact with Rachel again that she vows to get him out of her life once and for all. She packs a suitcase to look as if it contains the cash Guy wants, and arranges to meet him in a remote location. But when they get there, Katya pulls a gun on Guy and the pair struggle. Suddenly a gunshot rings out – but who’s been shot?

Will and Rosie reel from Carmella’s decision not to go through with the reconstructive surgery, and Will is forced to reassure Carmella that he likes her for who she is, not what she looks like. But he tells her that if she’s truly happy with her decision not to have surgery, then she must carry on living her life as normally as possible. Meanwhile, Rosie desperately tries to conceal her feelings for Will.

Following the camping trip from hell, Frazer is only too happy to be pampered by seductive Pepper. But he’s so concerned when Pepper begins to talk about marriage that he suggests they end their relationship. Devastated, Pepper chucks him out of the house.

Also, Steph approaches Rosie for legal help but feels uncomfortable when Rosie hands the case to Toadie, and Lou and Mihka confidently prepare for their immigration test.