Katy’s had enough of Chesney’s jealousy and done up to the nines she tells Owen she’s off out to enjoy herself. Finding  Katy at the bus stop Ryan’s taken aback when she tells him she’s coming clubbing with him. Katy enjoys letting her hair down and gets drunk. Helping her home Ryan insists she stays with him, and Katy agrees. Meanwhile, Fiz warns Chesney that unless he finds it in his heart to forgive Katy properly, he’ll lose her forever.

Izzy admits to Gary she felt jealous at the antenatal class. Gary assures her he loves her, but says how important it is to him to be involved every step of the way with their baby. However when Gary gatecrashes Tina and Tommy’s night in, breaking a possible romantic mood, it’s clear he may be getting too involved.

Leanne tells Peter she wants him to buy her share of the bookies. Peter tells her he can’t afford to, but as Carla celebrates the sale of her flat with champagne, Nick has a go at Peter for failing to pay Leanne what he owes her.

Also, Anna’s disapproving when Tim takes Faye to the cinema on a school night; Mary proves to be a great nanny and an impressed Dev asks her to stay on.