Keeping Faith – BBC1

In this week's Keeping Faith on BBC1, Evan's affair with Irish crime boss Gael Reardon gets back to Faith, leaving their marriage in tatters

So much for trying to save Evan (Bradley Freegard) and Faith’s (Eve Myles) marriage as Keeping Faith on BBC1 continues…

Evan is already suspicious that Faith is seeing Steve Baldini.

Now this week in Keeping Faith, the lawyer  is tipped off that Evan is having an affair with Irish crime boss Gael Reardon during his day releases from prison.

Knowledge of crime boss Gael Reardon’s (Anastasia Hille) affair with Evan gets back to Faith

Of course, the revelation only pushes Faith right into the arms of Steve (at last!).

But is the whole Evan and Gael thing just part of Evan’s agenda as a police informant to bring Gael down?

Meanwhile, the Madlen Vaughan trial dramatically unravels.

That’s because Faith misses a crucial morning in court to take Rhodri to A&E.

But the verdict leaves everyone, including Faith, reeling.

TV Times rating: *****