In shock after hearing Kelli discuss her revenge plans over the phone, Kitty confronts Kelli and demands to know what she’s up to. After learning of Kelli’s bitterness towards Amanda, Kitty tells her daughter to call everything off or she will tell Amanda everything.

Knowing her mum’s dire financial situation, Kelli offers her $80,000 to keep quiet. When Kitty refuses, Kelli spikes her mum’s drink with her blood pressure pills. Kitty collapses and Kelli tells her she’ll kill her if she tries to stand in her way of revenge on Amanda. Scared Kitty agrees to accept the cash and leave the Bay.

Alf calls just as Martha and Cam are collecting the last of Martha’s stuff. Disturbed to hear she’s moved out, Alf demands to talk to her and tells her he wants a month’s rent in advance for the Diner flat, hoping it will be too difficult for her. But Cam offers to pay until Martha’s wages come through.

Later, when Cam learns his head dancer has pulled out of that night’s show, he asks Martha to fill in. She refuses, but when she arrives at the club, Cam puts pressure on her to help out, and feeling guilty, Martha agrees, despite her discomfort.

*Screened on RTE One, Thursday June 14*

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