Shocked at seeing Ethan alive and kicking, Amanda goes in search of Kelli, who pretends to be surprised at the news, but secretly worries that her plan is about to be revealed. Quickly, she goes into damage control and sets about putting a new plan into action.

Ethan arrives demanding cash from Amanda, threatening to reveal the incriminating photos of them in bed together. Kelli suggests breaking into Ethan’s motel room to steal the photos and camera. She and Amanda head to the motel and burn the evidence as Ethan storms into the room. Amanda is convinced she has beaten Ethan at his own game, but Kelli and Ethan are pleased to get their devious plan back on track.

Kim feels increasingly left out of Kit’s pregnancy in favour of her new man James. Meanwhile, an exhausted James is working a shift at the hospital and attempts to inject medication into a patient who has already had their dose for the day.

A shocked Rachel and Julie tell him he could have caused the patient to die, but a guilty James manages to convince them not to tell the hospital board. Later, a shaken James gets home and starts to roll a joint, but is caught by Kit.

*Screened on RTE One, Wednesday June 6*

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