Kelli plans her revenge

Belle confronts Kelli over the compromising photo of her and Ethan on the beach. Kelli talks her way out of trouble, but is worried Belle is getting too close to the truth. Kelli decides to take the next step in her revenge plan, and plots to drug Amanda so she crashes her car. Meanwhile, Belle is convinced Kelli has been lying to her.

Jules is dragged back to Summer Bay by the police and narrowly avoids being charged for stealing the bike. Despite his parents being less than happy with him, they agree to let him stay with Dan. Meanwhile, Drew urges guilty Jules to visit Lily in hospital.

Lily learns she can be released from hospital, but overcome by anxiety, she has another mild breathing attack. Despite Cassie urging her to return to Summer Bay House, Lily is insistent on returning to the hostel and continue with her counselling. After Lily bids a tearful farewell to her friends, Jules arrives at the hospital.

Feeling sorry for Amanda, Peter spends time with her, but Amanda misconstrues his good intentions as a sign they might get back together. When Peter makes it clear they have no future, a distraught Amanda resolves to leave the Bay forever.

*Screened on RTE One, Thursday July 26*

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