Although she knows full well where Belle is, Kelli feigns concern in front of Amanda, and later instructs Clyde to make a second phone call. As planned, Clyde calls to tell Amanda that if she fails to follow his instructions, she’ll never see Belle again.

McGrath reports that they couldn’t trace Clyde’s call, while Drew breaks down in front of Dan, blaming himself for Belle’s predicament. Meanwhile, Kelli texts Clyde, telling him ‘it’s time to get out of there’ and tells police she heard a train in the background of Clyde’s last call. The police head out to search for Belle.

Peter and Harper manage to track down a terrified Belle and return her to Amanda’s. Relieved, Amanda introduces Belle to her aunt Kelli as the woman responsible for saving her. Later, Drew heads to the Beach House to apologise to Belle for last night’s behaviour. Belle tells Drew she wants to be with him but she’s not prepared to hurt Lucas. Drew is shattered.

Amanda is thrilled that Kelli seems to have finally forgiven her for causing her injuries in a car accident years before, and invites her to stay. But little does she know that Kelli has slipped out to pay Clyde – informing him she’s determined to get revenge on Amanda.

*Screened on RTE One, Thursday April 12*