Kelly can’t go through with it

Kelly gets the rest of the money from Jimmy and prepares to leave the village with his cash. But her plans are foiled when Jimmy turns up and sees her getting into the taxi with her bags.

Jimmy is hurt by Kelly’s betrayal and he has a go at her. Kelly storms off, but she’s wracked by guilt and later turns up at Home Farm and returns the money to him, telling him that she’s fallen in love with him!

Rosemary finds herself under constant attack by the King brothers who want her out of their home. Rosemary gets a visit from Vaughan, and Matthew is suspicious about their friendship and wonders whether Rosemary could have been involved in his father’s death. Rosemary quickly diverts attention onto Chas’s recent suspicious behaviour.

Ashley recommends that Jasmine do some work experience to supplement her university application. Jasmine contacts the Hotten Courier, but they tell her that they can’t take her on. Laurel suggests that Jasmine sends in her essay on Tom’s murder to try to persuade them.

Also, Turner is back from visiting Kathy in Australia and is shocked to hear of Tom’s death.