Kelly can’t resist Xavier

Kelly is feeling homesick. Xavier arranges for Kelly to have the use of a horse for a few hours to cheer her up. Kelly is delighted and even convinces Xavier to join her for a ride. They soon find themselves kissing. Kelly feels bad they broke their promise to Gina to stay friends. Kelly insists that Xavier confess to Gina and says that if Xavier won’t do it, then she will!

Liam and Bianca are completely at odds. Liam secretly blames Bianca for his bashing by Mick, while Bianca is bitter about Liam’s drug taking and lies. Irene points out that unless Liam and Bianca talk about things their relationship will fall apart. Bianca confronts Liam and they agree to talk things through so their relationship can move on.

Roo asks Alf to lunch in a bid to demonstrate to her father that she and Sid make a good couple. Alf reluctantly agrees but wants to bring Morag as back up. The lunch is a disaster due to Alf’s bad attitude. Roo wants to know what his problem is. Roo is taken aback when Alf says that he doesn’t trust Sid and he doesn’t want Roo to get hurt.