Kelly confuses business with pleasure

Kelly is disappointed when Jimmy turns down a romantic day together in favour of work, but her mind works overtime when she later hears Matthew and Carl discussing Jimmy’s ‘proposal’… Kelly assumes that Jimmy is about to ask her to be his bride and she waltzes into the brothers’ board meeting to talk about it. She’s shocked to realise that Jimmy’s ‘proposal’ was actually about Carrie joining the board of directors and runs out embarrassed. But when she later admits her mistake, Jimmy surprises her with an engagement ring and she happily says ‘yes’!

Viv and Bob are at odds over the choice of godparents for the twins as Viv won’t contemplate Eddie, and Bob doesn’t want Kelly. The couple seem to come to an agreement and Viv tells Donna, Emily, Paddy and Marlon that they’d like them to be godparents. However, Viv also asks Kelly if she’d do them the honour, while Bob asks Terry. The couple come clean to each other, but laugh it off and agree it will be the Christening of the year!

Gray is surprised when Hari admits that he’s bought the racehorse without his help and Paddy is suspicious. Jo discovers money is missing from the business and mentions it to Hari, who fires her on a pretence. Hari later admits to Gray that he borrowed the money from the practice and an unfazed Gray agrees to be Hari’s partner in an advisory role.

Also, Perdy worries about her history of miscarriages and tells Gray to keep her pregnancy a secret for now.