Kelly’s plan to bankrupt Jimmy by fleecing him of £30,000 to pay for her non-existent operation seems to be working well, but she’s disappointed when he turns up with only half the money. Jimmy promises Kelly that he’ll get her the rest of the cash and she’s touched by his concern.

Scott worries that Kelly will back out of her plan to take Jimmy’s money as she’s starting to feel sorry for him.

Chas runs into Rosemary at Home Farm and they argue over Carl. Rosemary protests that Tom banished Charity from Home Farm so she should pack her bags and get out. Rosemary is taken aback when Chas blurts out that she’s glad Tom died. Could Chas be a murder suspect?

Belle has a consultation with a Home Education officer who refers her to a psychologist in an attempt to get to the bottom of her disruptive behaviour. Zak and Lisa are united in their disdain about the idea.

Also, Laurel and Ashley discuss baby names.