Kelly takes the opportunity to burst Toni’s bubble after the pair get into a catty war of words at Toni and Paddy’s engagement party at the Woolpack. Kelly implies that Paddy didn’t actually intend to propose and Toni is stunned when she overhears a conversation between Paddy and Marlon confirming Kelly’s hints.

Toni’s woes are further compounded when she sees Del – the start of all her problems – having fun with David. A drunken Toni approaches David and pours out her heart and then moves in for a kiss when she sees Del looking.

Del and Toni have a massive fight and Paddy tries to calm the situation but he’s forced to admit that he never intended to propose to Toni and the couple realise that their relationship is over.

Viv is devastated after a visit to the police station confirms that Bob hasn’t been granted bail. Not only that, Bob’s ‘confession’ has made her forget Donna’s 21st birthday. Viv feels lonely and broken as she sits alone and listens to the bells chime midnight and the New Year.

Also, Laurel and Ashley announce their baby news to the village.