Kelly ends her row with Carrie!

Kelly says her goodbyes to go on her modelling job – but the photographer is surprised to see her and explains she’s been dropped. She rushes to Pear Tree Cottage to see Jimmy, but only finds Carrie who tells her it’s her comeuppance for her selfish abortion. They argue and Kelly slaps Carrie just as Jimmy comes in. Kelly fills Jimmy in on what happened and after they leave, Carrie reports the assault to the police.

After spending the night with Carl, Barraclough is horrified that she’s late for an important speech and when it goes badly Vaughan lays into her. Feeling low and vulnerable, she allows Carl to visit her flat and he tries to reassure her. She takes little comfort though and just asks him to hold her. He’s surprised to see her so vulnerable.

Jamie’s glad to have Louise’s support at the interview for the postman’s job and tries to psych out Pearl. Despite her nerves, Pearl’s interview goes well but Jamie is delighted to get the job. Later, he feels guilty when Louise admits she told the interview panel about Pearl’s criminal past.

Also, Viv signs up for a life-coaching course in America.