Kelly makes a big call

Kelly is in turmoil about whether to keep her baby, especially when Rodney tells her that her latest modelling pictures are great. Meanwhile, Scarlet talks to Jimmy and suggests that Kelly is wavering about taking the modelling job as she knows that he wants to start a family. Jimmy encourages Kelly to pursue her dream and she secretly books an abortion.

Rosemary arranges for Grayson to go on a business trip and asks Katie to accompany him. Perdy feels bad that she’s been left out but Rosemary insists that it’s for her own good. Rosemary hints to Perdy that Grayson may fall for Katie and sows the seeds of jealousy in her mind.

David is puzzled when Jasmine avoids him in the cafe and ignores his offer of dinner. Jasmine tells David that she was appalled after learning that he and Pollard scammed Pearl and insists that he tell Pearl the truth. Jasmine makes David wait for Pearl’s return, but he can’t go through with it. Jasmine is angry and she struggles to keep the secret from Pearl.

Also, Pearl confides in Edna that she’s made a fool of herself with Pollard.