Kelly is delighted when she sees the front page of the Hotten Courier and her story about Billy has made headline news. But Viv is less than pleased to discover what Kelly’s been up to and the pair have a huge row. Kelly is left upset by Viv’s harsh words and she slips out to visit dad Vic’s grave. Kelly is frightened when she’s spotted by Billy, who has found out about her smear campaign, but she’s determined not let him see that she’s terrified and instead vows to make him pay for what he’s done.

Daz is defensive when Victoria confronts him and reveals that she saw him secretly meeting up with his dad. Victoria tries to blackmail Daz in return for keeping his secret, but Daz won’t fall for the bait. A spiteful Victoria tells Jack that she saw Daz with Billy, and Jack is worried that Billy seems to be winning round a vulnerable Daz.

Donna and Marlon are horrified when they discover that Luke has been sick during the night after smuggling a bottle of vodka out of the pub. The couple realise that having the children stay over in the pub is not as simple as they had thought and she demands exclusive use of the backroom to keep the children safe. Diane is happy to agree, but Val is annoyed by her request.