Kelly puts Jimmy in the picture about the affair

With the help of evil Eve, crafty Kelly is winning the fight for Jimmy’s affections and the wicked witches’ latest move has Nicola on the ropes. Eve manufactures proof of Kelly’s affair with Jimmy, using photographic trickery to create pictures of them together. Then Eve tops them off with forged receipts from hotels that Kelly and Jimmy allegedly used for their afternoon delight. Oooooh, she’s good. Kelly happily shows Jimmy one of the photos and he’s happy to see it, even though he knows it’s proof that he was cheating on Nicola. Oh, he feels a bit guilty, but he can’t deny his feelings for Kelly and his son Elliot.

Adam felt guilty about leaving farmer John in the lurch and has decided to try to stand by his dad – in the muck, with the sheep. But rather than praise his son’s family loyalty, John says he knew the boy wouldn’t be able to hack it out in the world on his own. Someone needs to work on his parenting skills, John.

Amy’s working at getting David’s attention. She rushes to help when he needs a cleaner in a hurry and basks in his praise afterwards. Uh-oh. Careful David.