Kelly receives some shocking news

Kelly avoids eating breakfast as part of her quick fix diet but she ends up fainting. Kelly is taken to hospital and after some tests, she’s shocked to find out that she’s pregnant! Kelly is stunned and she covers when Jimmy comes to collect her. She realises that if she keeps the baby, she’ll have to kiss goodbye to her newfound career.

Jamie gets an interview for the postman’s job and he hands in his resignation to Louise, confident that he’ll walk it. Louise warns Jamie not to be so hasty and he realises she’s right when he finds out that 50 people have applied! Louise agrees to tear up Jamie’s resignation just in case.

Matthew refuses to let Rosemary get her hands on the vets and he visits Hari again to try and get him to up his demands. But he’s irate when he discovers that Hari has already sold his shares in the vets and he warns Hari never to return to the village. Matthew storms round to see Paddy and tells him that Rosemary will ruin him. Paddy refuses to be swayed.

Also, the Dingles talk about how to commemorate the first anniversary of Alice’s death.