Kelly takes off – with Jimmy’s son

So, Kelly has finally got the message: Jimmy doesn’t want her. She packs her bags and leaves Emmerdale – taking Elliot with her. But Jimmy did want Elliot. His heart breaks as he watches his son being driven away and Nicola sees the sacrifice he’s making for their marriage. But she tells Jimmy she still wants a divorce. Carl finds Jimmy sitting at home licking his wounds and gives him a pep talk: they’re the King brothers, they’re a force to be reckoned with and it’s about time they reminded the good folk of Emmerdale that they know how to get what they want. Amazingly, Jimmy doesn’t laugh in Carl’s face…

Paddy’s not laughing, either. In fact, he’s downright depressed because Marlon and Rhona are growing closer and closer as they prepare for the arrival of their baby. First it was Marlon who wasn’t sure how he would fit in to this family unit ,but now it’s Paddy who’s feeling very insecure about his place in Rhona’s life.

Hazel and Aaron know exactly where they fit into Jackson’s life and they fight back their tears as Jackson talks to them about how he wants to die.

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