Kelly tells Carl she won’t back off

When Kelly concocted her plan to get Jimmy back by her side, she didn’t add Carl to the mix. But he’s added himself and he’s as determined to keep Kelly out of Jimmy’s life as she is to add herself to it. Carl hijacks a planned meeting between Jimmy and Kelly, telling his brother that Kelly’s changed the meeting place then turning up in Jimmy’s place.

Sitting in a cafe with Kelly, Carl makes it clear he’s not there to butter her up. But he’s stunned when she hints that she and Jimmy had been having an affair… Jimmy just doesn’t remember it. Carl warns Kelly to stay away, but she’s not listening. Even when he later physically threatens her, Kelly won’t back off and makes it clear that she’ll only leave Jimmy alone if Jimmy asks her to.

Jai makes it clear to Charity that he won’t put his hand in his pocket to fund Chas’s purchase of The Woolpack. Ah, so Charity’s not pulling all Toffee Boy’s strings!

Jackson’s determined not to be manipulated by anyone, either. Jerry wants him to be his half-brother Josh’s godfather, but Jackson’s not flattered or honoured by the request. Probably because he’s not planning on being around for much longer.