Kelly tells Jimmy he has a son

Kelly’s been full of surprises since she resurfaced and she’s got another one: a little boy called Elliot who, Kelly says, has the right to call Jimmy ‘Dad’. What?!! Jimmy’s already struggling with a wife and daughter he can’t remember. Now he’s got a son to add to family ties he just doesn’t feel bound by. Kelly sends Jimmy home with his head spinning. She’s played her trump card and she wants to win, but she knows she has to let Jimmy at least think he’s made up his own mind to be with her.

Does Alicia want to be with Andy? It doesn’t look like it when she gets angry with him for letting Jacob get mucky when he’s feeding sheep. Ah, but then there’s the making up, when Alicia and Andy get a bit mucky themselves (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

Jackson misses getting mucky… on a building site, or with Aaron. But he has promised to try to adapt to his new life. With this in mind, Hazel thinks Jackson will benefit from meeting others in his position. Hmmm, perhaps this isn’t the best way to cheer up a lad who, mentally at least, already has one foot in the hereafter.