Kelly Windsor berates her mother for advertising the Kings’ arrest on her newspaper hoarding, but when Viv overhears an argument between Pearl and Kelly, Kelly is the one about to be berated. She has to admit she withheld vital information about the case when Bob was under suspicion for the killing.

Things get worse for Kelly when she is then arrested by Barraclough and Dasari for perverting the course of justice and is told she is looking at four years in prison.

When Eli sees Edna’s cash in a kitchen pot, the temptation proves too much and he steals it. When Edna finds out, Len is quick to accuse Billy and rushes over to confront him, but will anyone believe he didn’t do it?

Lisa is fuming when Belle refers to Rosemary as her ‘Auntie’ and bans her from Home Farm. Realising it is unlikely Lisa will accept Rosemary’s money for Belle, Zak reluctantly turns down Rosemary’s offer – but Rosemary has a cunning plan. She’ll set up a charitable foundation to fund the school fees and Lisa need know nothing about it.