Kelly’s still playing a winning game

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Jimmy and Nicola really have underestimated Kelly – and now Nicola could go to prison! Jimmy’s enjoying time with Angelica at Mill Cottage when Kelly turns up with Elliot. But Jimmy hits Kelly with a suggestion that he pays for her to leave Emmerdale because he wants a clear chance at rebuilding his relationship with Nicola. Ow! Kelly’s hurt – and angry. So is Nicola when she arrives and finds Jimmy with Kelly and Elliot. Spotting an opportunity to ruin Jimmy’s plans, Kelly tells Nicola that Jimmy had just asked her to move away from Emmerdale – with him. Nicola launches herself at Kelly and Jimmy has to pull her off. But Nicola’s drawn blood… And Nicola’s still on probation for biting Cathy Hope, which Kelly knows.

Cameron’s got his job back, but as far as Carl’s concerned he’s on probation and will be getting a rough ride. Cameron’s not bothered, though. Why? Well, as he tells Cain, he intends to give Carl a rough ride, too.

Hazel and Aaron have been having a very rough time with Jackson, but Hazel insists they have to keep their promise to him; they have to help him die.

*Second episode*

Kelly’s really enjoying herself; she has Nicola worried sick that she’s going to be sent to prison and she thinks she has Jimmy right where she wants him. But she doesn’t. Jimmy finally stands up for himself, for Nicola and for his marriage and tells Kelly if she reports Nicola to the police he will tell them that Nicola hit Kelly in self-defence. Ha! Now what’s Kelly going to do? She tells Jimmy that if he chooses Nicola he’ll never see his son again. Oooh, nasty, but not entirely unexpected.

Aaron doesn’t know what to expect from Jackson any more. He does know that he’s struggling to help Jackson end his own life and he struggles further when Jackson asks him to enjoy the time they have left together. That’s a big ask when Aaron knows that no amount of enjoyment will make Jackson want to live.

Victoria wants nothing from Alex after she finds out he slept with Hannah. He insists it meant nothing, it was a one-off, but that just makes things worse; Hannah is Victoria’s mate and if she’s unhappy about the way Alex treated her then so is Victoria.

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