Kelsey meets her internet boyfriend

Kelsey decides to attend her internet “boyfriend’s” funeral. But, on arrival at the crematorium, it is made clear that she isn’t welcome. Big Mac then breaks the news – full of guilt and remorse – that there was no James, and it was him all along. He inadvertently reveals that Alice knew about the scam, too. Kelsey is furious and intent on confronting Alice.

Meanwhile, Toby spies a female patient he knew from medical school and when he offers to treat her broken leg she teases him that she didn’t think he’d make it as a doctor. Later, disregarding Sean’s advice, he completes her leg surgery alone. However, the post-op X-ray shows that Toby has made a big orthopaedic mistake.

Also, Jessica and Adam are excited about going to Alice’s birthday party that evening and are clearly enjoying every moment they spend together. Sean then arrives in ED with his and Jessica’s two children in tow – he has a problem with childcare. Jessica trusts Adam enough to ask him to help out and, despite himself, Adam bonds with the kids.

At her party, Alice is confronted by Kelsey. Alice gets uncharacteristically drunk and Curtis over-reacts to her flirtatious behaviour on the dance floor.