Kelsey’s eventful last day

Party girl Kelsey is expecting a right old send-off from her co-workers and is miffed when only Zana, Ruth and Alice are free. The glum foursome head to the pub after Kelsey receives her equally weak going away gift – a cheap card with a measly £20. The rotters!

But little does Kelsey know that the Casualty crew are pulling the old ‘surprise party’ trick on her. In fact, she’s so oblivious that she disappears into the night with a guy called Guy. And who can blame her – Ruth’s drunk and confessing to her crush on Jordan after allowing Alice to swap her non-alcoholic drinks with Kelsey’s more potent ones in a bid to keep her sober for the party.

Meanwhile, it’s all systems go when Rory (James Dreyfus – Gimme, Gimme, Gimme) turns up in A & E – he’s been stabbed. Adam ignores the ban imposed on him by Jordan and treats Rory but when Jordan arrives at the department, Adam is forced to hide.

On the mean streets of Holby, Guy and Kelsey are mugged and return to the hospital so Kelsey can treat his hand. Apart from the mugging and the injury, Kelsey thinks her evening is going great. Then Guy runs into the mother of his newborn baby… Still, it means the surprise party is back on and tear-faced Kelsey is stunned by her co-worker’s thought and effort.

Also, Zana hands in her notice in order to spend more time with her daughter, Sharice causes grief for Zoe by fibbing to her grandparents about her foster mum’s parenting skills, and Maggie turns up at Kelsey’s knees-up.