Ken and Peter give up on Tracy?

Ken rages at Tracy, pointing out how her years of appalling behaviour took their toll on Deirdre and she spent her final weeks at Bev’s because she was so ashamed of Tracy’s affair with Tony. As they exchange insults, each blaming the other for the grief they caused Deirdre over the years, they’re interrupted by the arrival of Peter.

Apologising for missing the funeral, Peter explains his train was delayed. Tracy turns on Peter, accusing him of causing Deirdre many a sleepless night, before railing at Ken and Peter, claiming they’re equally responsible for Deirdre’s death. But Peter and Ken have had enough and after imparting a few home truths, Tracey suddenly realises it’s time she made amends.

At Deirdre’s wake, Liz pours everyone a glass and they raise a toast in Deirdre’s memory. And after years of hostility, Audrey and Bev patch up their differences.

Liz wonders why Leanne was so hostile towards Dan at the funeral and questions Eileen about her feelings towards Michael.