Ken and Steve want rid of Tracy (VIDEO)

As Tracy wallows in self pity Deirdre regrets getting dragged into her web of deceit, which has clearly disgusted Ken. Tracy begs Steve to give her another chance, claiming she loves him, she insists they can work through this. But Steve won’t be persuaded and Tracy’s hurt when he reveals he wants out.

Peter lies to Leanne that he’s meeting some mates at the dog track and heads off to a restaurant to meet Carla. But when she bumps into an old factory client, who says he’s meeting Frank there, she makes her excuses and rushes off. Outside she finds Peter parking his car and quickly jumps in, explaining their near-miss.

Kylie clashes with Brian at the parents’ evening when Brian lectures Kylie and David about the importance of a healthy diet for Max. Although Kylie leaves in a huff it’s clear she has taken Brian’s words onboard.

Also, Rita and Dennis discover Norris’s sham piano playing; Jason’s softening to Paul, but isn’t happy when he discovers he stayed the night with Eileen; as Anne snipes at Sally, Frank tells his mum it’s time she moved out.