Ken discovers Daniel and Sinead together (VIDEO)

Ken is furious to discover Daniel is putting his career on hold for Sinead in Corrie

Seeing how upset Sinead is, Daniel promises her she can stay with him. Having failed to get hold of Daniel, Ken calls at his flat and is furious to see Sinead there in a state of undress.

Mel tells Bethany how disappointed Nathan is that she’s not been in touch. Handing her a beautiful necklace, Mel explains that Nathan bought it for her next video shoot. Sarah calls in at No.8 and Bethany introduces her to Mel. Does Sarah smell a rat?

Adam quizzes Rosie about the drugs and oblivious to his intentions she tells him everything. Adam phones a drugs contact in the States and having double-checked that Rosie’s boyfriend’s been locked up, forms a plan.

Tracy discover Luke’s romantic weekend isn’t all it seems. Kate and Rana come up with ideas for Alya’s birthday.

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