Telling a devastated Ken that he’s turning Oxford down, Daniel assures Sinead he has no intention of going away to University.  Ken later calls Sinead to no.1 where he implores her to call off her relationship with Daniel as she’s standing in the way of his career. Hurt, she reveals she’s pregnant with Daniel’s baby. As Ken rants at her about his wasted life with Deirdre and how he wants better for Daniel, Tracy’s appalled. How will Sinead react to Ken’s pleas?

Sensing Seb’s jealousy, Faye hugs him and assures him she loves him. Having seen another side to Seb, Anna bans Faye from seeing him.

As Peter makes to leave, Chloe tries to kiss him. Will Peter respond? Back at home Toyah confronts Peter with the cash, how will he explain himself?

Nick and Leanne call at the Rovers and begrudgingly agree access arrangements with Steve.