Ken is irritated with Blanche when she tries to gossip with him about Paula and Colin. Ken has Martha firmly on his mind and he snaps at Blanche that there is life beyond Coronation Street and after telling Ted that he feels that all his life’s hopes and dreams are with Martha on the barge he pays Martha a visit and begs her not to push him away. Instead of shunning him, Martha reveals she can’t live without him and she leads him into the bedroom…

Eileen is still reeling and can barely believe that her childhood memories of her father and her friendship with Paula have been destroyed in an instant. Julie is also coming to terms with everything she has discovered over the last 48 hours. She had spent years believing her father was a soldier who had died a war hero and now she finally understands why Paula has resented her all her life.

Rita struggles to keep it together when she goes to work at the shop and she’s pleased when Norris arrives to help run things at the Kabin. Norris is concerned when he finds her engagement ring in the till and puts off his travelling plans with Mary to support Rita.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Ken is a man in love after his passionate encounter with Martha and he knows he has a big decision to make. Martha tells Ken that she is leaving on the barge at 4pm and if he wants to be with her then he should tell Deirdre and come to the barge with his bags packed. When Ken gets home he finds Peter, Simon, Deirdre and Michelle enjoying a game of Hangman and he is torn between duty to his family and following his heart.

Paula visits Eileen and is adamant that she won’t take the blame for Colin’s seduction. Eileen apologises for what she said in the Rovers and listens as Paula tells her how it all began. Eileen reveals that the whole situation has reawakened raw childhood memories of her relationship with her mother.

Eileen knows that she has to talk to Colin and when he comes round she tells him exactly what she thinks of him. Colin is destroyed by Eileen’s words and the stress of it becomes too much for him and he collapses. Jason and Sean arrive at the house to find the paramedics wheeling Colin out on a stretcher.

Also, Becky bonds with Amy when she confronts Amy’s bully.