Audrey’s alone in the salon and tidies round when suddenly she suffers chest pains and collapses. Finding the door open, Ken enters and is horrified to find Audrey slumped in a chair. As he phones for an ambulance, Audrey confesses her love for him.

Mary’s dismissive when Norris warns her about Brendan, assuming he’s just jealous. Later, Brendan and Mary are having some half dressed fun on the sofa when Dev arrives home early. When he suggests he’d prefer it if they used Brendan’s house in future, Mary’s embarrassed but still doesn’t admit that Brendan’s married.

Rita meets up with Jenny, who asks for her forgiveness but when Rita hesitates, Jenny flees and, in her haste, drops her purse. Having found Jenny’s address in the purse, Rita tracks her down to a squalid bedsit.

The police tell Carla they’ve arrested Jamie and he’s admitted to the robbery.