Playing the martyr in front of Tracy, James is keen to get away, but Ken insists on a family breakfast first. Covering his anxiety James obliges, but when Sophie and Sian arrive to talk about the arrests Ken’s intrigued, having been told nothing about this. As he questions his grandson Ken becomes uneasy and when James goes to call a cab he searches his bag. Finding a letter approving a 50,000 pound loan against the house Ken confronts James. Cornered, James lashes out and makes his escape.

Izzy’s gobsmacked as Gary reveals his surprise – he’s got a job at the factory so they can spend more time together. Feeling suffocated it’s clear Izzy needs a break.

Peter has pledged his future to Leanne and another baby. As Ken broaches the subject of Peter’s conflicted feelings he insists he’s made the right choice and Ken hopes he’s right.

Also; when Steve admits he’s feeling pushed out of his own home Tracy pounces. Using Amy, to invite him to her sports day, she moves in on her prey.

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