Ken packs his bags

Ken makes excuses to stay at home when Blanche asks him and Deirdre to join her on the One O’clock Club mystery tour. Peter lets himself into No.1 just in time to catch Ken leaving a letter for Deirdre with his bags packed and he realises that his father is leaving Deirdre for Martha.

Jason phones the hospital to check on Colin and tells Eileen that Colin’s condition is stable, but Eileen isn’t interested and is adamant that her father is getting his just desserts. Julie’s determined to get her mother’s side of the story and thinks that Colin can’t be entirely to blame for their relationship, even if Paula was only 14 at the time. Later, Julie is stunned when she discovers that Colin has had a stroke.

Roy is impressed with Anna’s hard work in the cafe and asks her to go to the cash and carry for him and gives her his password and ID number. Eddie steals the bit of paper with Roy’s password and ID number for the cash and carry from Anna’s purse, but Anna is none the wiser.

Also, Gail tells Darryl to sort out the Windasses’ overgrown garden; Tyrone is annoyed when he finds Connie sitting in Vera’s old chair.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Peter is furious with Ken for the way he’s treating Deirdre and he calls him a coward, but a defiant Ken sets off for his new life with Martha on her boat. Martha is relieved when Ken arrives. Meanwhile, Blanche and Deirdre return from their trip around Southern Cemetery, but neither of them notices Ken’s letter to Deirdre on the dresser.

Ken and Martha share lunch before their departure and it’s clear that they’re nervous about the enormous step they’re about to take. As Martha prepares to set off, Ken realises he can’t give up the life that he knows and scrambles off the boat. Martha turns to see Ken on the canal bridge and realises he’s abandoned her. Ken watches her go with a heavy heart wondering if he’s made the wrong choice.

Eddie loads up with booze at the cash and carry and pays for it on Roy’s account. Anna is surprised to see a load of booze in the house and he lies that it was a gift from a satisfied customer.

Also, Tara tells Dev that Justin’s taken some nude pics of her for an art installation at the Victoria Court flats; Julie visits her father in hospital; Darryl mows the Windasses’ lawn under Gail’s supervision.

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