Ken shops Peter to a reporter!

Ken considers putting an article in The Gazette opposing Peter’s bar. But Deirdre’s furious and tells him if he goes ahead he’ll be spending Christmas on his own. Peter and Bill are discussing building work for the new bar when Ken accosts them in the street, furious at Peter for ploughing ahead with the venture. Peter tells Ken he’s past caring what he thinks. As a result Ken meets up with a reporter from the Gazette and asks him to run a story opposing Peter’s proposals.

Dev‘s preoccupied and Bernie guesses that he’s dwelling on Sunita’s new relationship, but Dev continues to pretend he’s not bothered. He calls in to see Sunita again, and they are in mid-row when Matt arrives back with the children.

Norris notices a crack in a window at No.3 and blames Graeme and his window-cleaning. Graeme winds Norris up pretending the ladder he’s using is stolen, so Norris reports him to the police. Later, Graeme pulls out the receipt for the ladder, and Norris looks a fool.

Also; Carla pays Tony a visit in prison, Becky and Claire put up posters advertising the auditions for the panto; Becky, Michelle and Betty argue over who’s going to play Cinderella.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Carla goes to visit Tony and is left stunned when he tells her that Jimmy’s still alive. She’s shocked and disgusted with him for letting her believe she’d killed Jimmy just to save his own skin. Telling Tony he’ll burn in eternity for what he’s done, Carla leaves the prison. Later, alone in her flat, Carla anxiously wonders where Jimmy might be.

Matt calls round to see Dev and makes it clear that if he continues to upset Sunita or the children he’ll ban him from the house. Dev is fuming but still calls round to see Sunita. He ends up in a blazing row with Matt, and Sunita tells him that if he continues to come over she will stop his access to the children.

Peter gets a call from The Gazette asking for his side of the story. He’s livid and marches round to have it out with Ken. Peter tells Ken what he thinks of him for going behind his back, and later Deirdre also reveals she’s disgusted with him.

Also; The casting for the pantomime takes place and Claire is playing Cindrella; Graeme’s up a ladder fixing Emily’s window when Freda excitedly tells Norris they’ve won a competition; Norris lets go of the ladder and Graeme loses his balance.

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