Ken takes Simon off Peter

Peter has some bridges to build after last night’s fiasco with Leanne and he has to find Simon a costume for the nativity play. Peter asks Leanne to go with him to the play, but she is sick of his behaviour and turns him down. Peter turns up for the nativity play and when the teacher tries to stop him from entering the hall he makes a scene and storms in.

Carla can’t understand why Tony won’t sack Rosie but he insists that he would also have to sack Sally and that would arouse suspicion. Carla decides to let Rosie know exactly how she feels about her betrayal before heading over to Maria‘s to tell her side of the story.

Liz annoys Michelle by appointing Poppy assistant manager of the Rovers. She tackles Steve, but he takes his mum’s side insisting her can’t undermine he as she runs the pub.

Also, Norris is peeved when he discovers Mary and Jed getting on like a house on fire.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Peter stumbles drunkenly to the front of the school hall, causing uproar and disrupting the play. Deirdre comforts an upset Simon and Blanche confronts Peter, who is then escorted from the building. Ken snatches Peter’s car keys and insists that Simon is coming back to the Barlows with them. Peter makes the Rovers his next port of call, but his drinking is out of control and Liz boots him out. Peter bangs on Ken and Deirdre’s door and demands to see his son but Ken refuses. Leanne arrives just in time to stop Peter hitting his father.

Jack is back from Blackpool and is devastated that Tyrone and Molly have split. He tries to set them up by getting Molly to make him tea, but Molly is still hostile towards Tyrone.

Carla tells Leanne that Tony knew about the affair but has forgiven her. But Leanne is not convinced that Tony is the forgiving type. Meanwhile, Jed Stone has heard Maria’s accusation and thinks he is on to something – he lets Tony know that he is going to compare notes with Maria.

Also, Rosie meets with a journalist and spies a way of making some cash out of her kidnap ordeal.

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