Ken tries to ruin Peter’s plans

Ken sees the planning application for the bar and rows with Peter in the street. He asks Deirdre to have a word with the council planning department and scupper Peter’s plans, but Deirdre refuses explaining that she’s hoping for a job there.

Later, Deirdre gets a call from the Council and discovers Ken’s been behind her back and tried to cancel the application, ruined her chances of a job. Blanche accuses him of acting out of spite because he’s jealous of George and Deirdre storms out in a fury. George tells Peter and Leanne that Turner has accepted his offer and the planning application has gone through.

Steve finds a box of old photos of Rovers’ pantos from past Christmases. Becky and Claire reckon it’s time the Rovers had another Christmas panto. Steve’s not so sure. Graeme tells Becky and Claire how he once played Juliet in the Young Offenders’ production of Romeo and Juliet, and he’d love to take part.

Kevin tells Molly he thinks they should delay getting together until Sophie’s GCSEs are out of the way next July. He apologises to a frustrated Molly explaining he only wants what’s best for everyone.

Also; Gary arrives back from an amazing time at his Army taster weekend.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

George takes Simon to the precinct and he asks if they can go and see Father Christmas. George is amused to discover that Ken is the Santa, whilst Ken is inwardly seething. They row and George rips Ken’s beard off. Simon’s shocked to discover that Santa is really his granddad. And to make matters Ken is sacked.

Anna and Eddie Windass fail to see eye to eye over son Gary’s plans to join the army when Gary announces he wants to join full-time. Anna’s worried he’ll be killed but Eddie’s proud of his son.

Rosie offers to lend Sophie her white top for her baptism but Sophie unimpressed pointing out it isn’t a wet T-shirt competition, and Ben backs her up. Sally suggests Rosie could get a bar job in the run up to Christmas, but Rosie’s scathing and reckons bar work is below her.

Also; John finds himself unwittingly roped in to direct the Christmas panto; Peter and Leanne meet with the architect at Turners; Ashley and Graeme call in at the bookies and place a bet after receiving a tip; Dev takes Bernie back to his flat for a romantic meal and she’s impressed at the effort he’s made.

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