Ken’s little secret is out!

Ken has lied that he went to see the play with Ted and he’s almost caught out when Deirdre asks Ted if he enjoyed it. Ted catches on and goes along with Ken’s lies, but he’s not impressed. Ted pays Martha a visit and Ken is shocked to find him there. Ted tells Ken that he knows Ken has feelings for Martha, but he should think about what he’s getting himself into.

Joe receives a brochure through the post from Len about the development, along with a contract for the kitchen fitting. Joe is sorely tempted to accept the deal and when Tina tells him she is not happy about him taking handouts from Gail he makes it clear he isn’t happy about her standing up in court and telling a pack of lies.

Liz leaves Becky in charge of the Rovers when she goes off to a brewery do with Lloyd. Becky is stretched to the limit when a coach party turns up. Kelly gets fed up waiting to be served and helps herself to a drink. Becky sees red and Liz returns just in time to find Becky throwing a furious Kelly out on the street.

Also, Tony isn’t impressed with Luke’s seemingly ‘soft’ management style.