Kerry and Bernice on a bicycle made for two!

*First episode*

Having rowed with Dan about her weight and lifestyle, Kerry decides to show her man she’s got what it takes to be healthy. But as she sets out to give her new tandem a spin, with Bernice on the back, things go badly wrong. As the women argue, Kerry starts panicking, claiming not to be able to see. And when they career into the side of the church, it looks like she wasn’t joking. Will they be OK?

Ashley’s troubles increase tenfold when he loses the notebook he’s been using to help jog his memory. Having become dependent on the record, the vicar is lost without it. Unable to remember where he put the village hall funds, Ashley is in trouble and Bob, too, when he then gets accused of pocketing the cash!

When Bob later finds Ashley’s notebook, he’s taken aback by what he reads inside. Confronting Ashley about it, the cafe owner is stunned when his friend admits he’s having severe memory problems and is being tested for dementia.

At the factory, Rishi urges Nik to give drug-addict Jai a job. Will his brother take to life on the production line?