*Hour episode*

So… Kerry’s way of helping Brenda deal with her kleptomania is showing her how to run from store security officers. That’s what it looks like in this picture – but that’s not actually what’s happening. Kerry’s trying to get Brenda to resist the temptation to shoplift but she realises she has failed dismally when they go to leave the store and the alarm goes off. They both make a run for it – but both are caught and find themselves at the police station. Only Kerry is charged, though! But Brenda’s not in the clear. Bob and Dan find out what’s happened and Bob walks out on Brenda.

Val throws Eric out of their house after finding out he slept with Diane. But you were on a break, Val! Like when you slept with Ian in Portugal. Only Eric didn’t get HIV from from Diane… but he may well have given it to her. All Val can think about, though, is that Eric has betrayed her – and she’s not going let him forget it.

Nicola’s starting to wish she could forget all about getting even with conman Anton. The plan she and Bernice have made was working smoothly… Nicola’s out on date with Anton and ready to go back to his place. But Anton wants to go to Nicola’s place – and Bernice has gone AWOL.