Kerry comes a cropper!

*Second episode*

As baby Moses is pulled from the bathwater, Debbie is in bits. Emma suggests A&E but Debbie doesn’t listen to her and instead insists Emma, who’s a nurse, leaves. When Ross hears about his mum visiting Charity in prison and causing such drama for Debbie, he confronts Emma.

Later, after a telling off from James, Emma sets out to apologise to Debbie. But while she’s at Debbie place a whole new nightmare unfolds. Noticing that Moses’ breathing seems shallow, Emma urges Debbie to call an ambulance. Soon, Moses is being rushed off to hospital leaving Ross furious with Debbie for ignoring his mum’s earlier medical advice. Has Debbie put her nephew’s life at risk?

Dan does what he can to try to calm down Kerry, who’s freaking out ahead of her eye operation. Up at the hospital, as the doctor preps Kerry for surgery, she panics. But as she makes a run for the exit, she ploughs into a glass door and falls flat on her back! Determined not to go through with the surgery, Kerry returns home. Later, Dan tells her he’s rescheduled the appointment and vows to support her through it…

Diane fills Gordon in on what’s been going on in Chas’s life. She feels it’s not the right time for Chas’s ex to try to make contact, and wants him to leave Chas alone while she recovers from PTSD. But will Gordon heed Diane’s words?